Comparative Modernisms: Anglo-Hellenic Modernism Workshop

Date: 08/04/2016 – 16:00 – 21:00
Institute: Institute of English Studies
Type: Workshop
Venue: Room 234, Second Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Workshop on Αnglo-Hellenic Modernism

The Anglo-Hellenic Modernism Workshop will explore influences and confluences in English and Greek literary/artistic modernisms, also addressing issues of classical heritage, transnationalism, politics, modernisation and translation as well as the relationship of literature to the arts still relevant today.

Registration Fee: £7


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Far from being just an isolated aesthetic movement of the early twentieth century, Modernism is now recognized as an international phenomenon spreading across all art genres and aspects of modern life with a determining effect on contemporary cultural and artistic practices. Moreover, new research into Modernism, exploring its historical, philosophical, empirical alongside aesthetic contexts within modernity, further confirms the necessity for a global, interdisciplinary approach to examine the movement’s multiple and intriguing ramifications.

The new Seminars Series in Comparative Modernisms, launched by the Institute of English Studies in 2016, stresses both modernism’s continuing relevance in the present and its complex, relational nature which calls for a comparative perspective. It provides a forum for groundbreaking multidisciplinary, transnational and inter-textual research in modernist studies by inviting English and international speakers as well as hosting a variety of associated events, such as roundtables, workshops and colloquia.

The thematic of the series cuts across modernist literature, art and culture and accommodates research that speaks to contemporary issues, such as, modernist legacies, translatability and reception, European and international modernisms, inter-mediality, history and form, science and technology and the performance of modernity, by drawing on different theories, disciplines and modes of thinking.

Comparative Modernisms seminar series is convened by Dr Angeliki Spiropoulou, a Visiting Research Fellow at IEL/SAS and Assist. Professor of European Literature and Theory at Peloponnese University.

All seminars and events are held in the Senate House, London.

For info contact: Dr Angeliki Spiropoulou,

For additional information please contact

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