Martin Creed presents the solo exhibition “Like Water At A Buffet” in Athens

Martin Creed “Like Water At A Buffet”

Exhibition Dates: 27 March – 16 May 2015

Opening Reception: 27 March, 10pm Live Performance

Visiting Hours: Tuesday – Friday 12-20.00pm & Saturday 12-4pm

12 Athinas st, 2nd Floor, Monastiraki, Athens

The Kappatos Athens Art Residency is pleased to invite you to the opening of the spring cycle of the first official residency programme in Athens under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, supported by a European fund (NSRF: National Strategic Reference Framework 2007 – 2013) and the first solo exhibition of the British Artist-in-Residence Martin Creed entitled “Like Water At A Buffet,” curated by the programme’s artistic director art historian Dr. Sozita Goudouna and independent curator Nefeli Skarmea.

Winner of the Turner Prize, the most important distinction for the visual arts in Britain, and recognized for his personal perception and conceptual approach to sculpture, painting, fashion and the different materials used in his work, Creed investigates the ways in which the mapping of one structure, originally composed in one medium (drawing, painting), is mapped onto another structure in another medium (dance) and vice versa.

Dancer painting Canvas Martin Creed Exhibition

The correlations between painting, sculpture and music reflect the movements and activity of the human body, in the way that the artist is directing and choreographs it during the creation of new paintings and costumes. Creed designs and creates costumes and hats from canvas and instructs three dancers as they create paintings with their feet. They place a paintbrush on their toes and create shapes on the canvas and then they represent the structure of their designs through bodily movements.

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Alexis Tsipras warns Angela Merkel of Greek ‘cashflow issue’ ahead of talks

Leaked letter alerts German chancellor that Greece needs urgent help to meet looming debt repayment deadlines

Helena Smith in Athens
published on Monday 23 March 2015 11.45
The Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has raised the stakes ahead of talks with Angela Merkel, warning that an insolvent Athens will be unable to meet looming debt repayments without urgent aid from its creditors.

In a letter leaked on the eve of his visit to Berlin, the leftwing leader catapulted to power promising to end austerity urged Merkel not to allow “a small cashflow issue” to turn into a major crisis.

“Given that Greece has no access to money markets, and also in view of the ‘spikes’ in our debt repayment obligations in the spring and summer of 2015, it ought to be clear that … it would [be] impossible for any government to service its debt obligations,” said the five-page letter leaked to the Financial Times.

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Presenting an agenda for Europe at AMBROSETTI (Lake Como, 14th March 2015)

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Workshop the European House - Ambrosetti a Villa D'Este

Dear All, Ministerial duties have impeded my blogging of late. I am now breaking the silence since I have just given a talk that combines my previous work with my current endeavours. Here is the text of the talk I gave this morning at the Ambrosetti Conference on the theme of ‘An Agenda for Europe’. Long time readers will recognise the main theme – evidence of a certain continuity…

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The Performer in the 21st Century Conference

Poster Performer                       O N E – D A Y   C O N F E R E N C E   P R O G R A M M E                            «The Performer in the 21st Century» 9.30 – 10.00: Registration 10.00 -10.05: Welcome speech by the President of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Centre of the ITI Emmanouil Koutsourelis Theatre Director, President of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute  10.05-10.15: The Performer in the 21st Century: Conference Perspectives Dr Sozita Goudouna Art and Theatre Theorist, Conference Organising Chair and Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Centre of the ITI THE PERFORMER IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE: NEW WAYS OF COLLABORATING Pecha Kucha Theatre Practices in Greece: Six Contemporary Groups 10.15-10.30: Nova Melancholia 10.30-10.45: Mkultra 10.45-11.00: Bijoux De Kant 11.00-11.15: Blitz 11.15-11.30: The Erasers 11.30-11.45: Medea Electronique  Continue reading