The inherent crisis: Markets, Democracy and the Left

Greek Left Review

Greece’s participation in the Eurozone is now openly debated while at the same time the former-PM’s proposal for a referendum was quickly withdrawn for fear of further market distress. The newly appointed PM Loukas Papademos rushed to confirm that the ‘salvation government’ (formed by PASOK, New Democracy and LAOS) would proceed as planned in the implementation of the measures discussed in the recent European summit, in an attempt to reassure the markets and his European partners and secure the sixth bailout installment in November. The Greek political situation constitutes an index for the political management of the economic recession throughout the continent.

Greek Left Review, as of today, presents a series of articles in regards to the recent developments, their impact and their implications for Greece and Europe. Our aim is to offer some critical insights on issues concerning:

• the relation of the E.U. as a transnational structure to its constituent Nation States
• the causes of the Crisis, beyond the mainstream narrative around the Greek problem
• the interconnection between the political and the economic level and the future of Democracy in the Continent
• the probability of a Greek default and exit from the Eurozone and the possible implications this may have on the global scale.

We believe that the articulation of a persuasive and hegemonic program on behalf of the Left, should involve, among others, answers to the above-mentioned issues. In the weeks to come economists and theoreticians from the broad array of the Greek and the international Left will contribute to this discussion.

You can follow the archive of articles of this special issue, as these are archived here, or join the conversation on twitter through the hashtag: #glrsi

Graphic (borrowed) by FT’s Ingram Pinn

List of Articles

Jan Toporowski: Avoiding Default and exit of the Left
Euklides Tsakalotos: Three Myths concerning the Greek Crisis

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