Noam Chomsky on the Greek crisis

The Greek economic crisis and the mobilization of Greek citizens was mentioned by the famous American thinker Noam Chomsky. According to him, Greece has only three options, none of which is attractive.
Chomsky was in Cologne, Germany for a series of lectures as a professor emeritus at the seat of Albertus Magnus. Speaking to reporters, according to Mary Rigoutsou for Deutshe Welle, Noam Chomsky estimated that in Greece ” there are few options. One option is for rich countries like Germany to take over the debts and to pay. The other option is that Greece refuses to pay its debts. It is not impossible to do so. There are countries that have done it in the past with success. Ten years ago Argentina did it.It was the ‘favorite’ of the IMF. But eventually collapsed and refused to pay its debts.The IMF and several economists threatened imminent destruction but it actually worked very well. Later there was a surge in development. This is a way but it is not unique. Of course it is hard to swallow for banks and investors because they will lose their money but one has to choose. And the third option would be for Greece to leave the eurozone and have the opportunity to make its own economic policy to devalue the currency and get out of the crisis.
 There are only three options and none of them are very attractiveReferring to the protests of citizens in the country, the 83-year-old professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) noted: ” Two weeks ago there was a great demonstration of people who were in the streets and on strike. But the media does not talk about it much. Their interest in the strikes is not great. The Guardian newspaper of London, considered a progressive newspaper, had a photograph in front of parliament in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier the next day. The photo was shot, however, so as not to see the crowd.”
 Source: [accessed 8/6/2011] translated with google translation , posted at Scoop of the day

One response to “Noam Chomsky on the Greek crisis

  1. Slowly, but veeeery slowly the german press (none of them is progressive, just like the “Guardian” might have been progressive long ago, but is not since quite some years now as Chomsky rightly states) seems to turn a small, small bit.
    After all the propaganda since summer 2010, countless dumb and idiotic articles, onesided (and so on. I must leave the heavy curses out here – but whatever you can imagine has a chance to be not far from the actual truth^^) – a small change is happening at the moment.
    Of course nobody criticises chancellor Merkel, one of the driving market-radical forces behind this mess. She enjoys her 73% “likes”, whatever she does or avoids. Yet our “ARD”, the TV station paid by the people instead of being paid by ads, after 2 1/2 years of one-sidedness seems to see the ineffectiveness of the Merkel-Troika-programs. So many strikes were not even mentioned – now they start to write about it.

    Germany stays a country where real leftish ideas have no chance. Our “green” party, for example, is a “indifferent-rightwing” – nightmare by now (in 2002 a funny guy wrote on a wall: “olive-green: for the 3,5l/100km – tanks!”). They try to pretend they were “leftish” to persuade some old voters to stay with them, while the favour Merkel’s Greece-politics, for example.

    So a stronger european left wing can’t start from Germany. Quite on the contrary, we would have to learn a real lot – from other countries. Even our universities are “indiffferent-postmodern-rightwing” since at least 15 years.
    Yet, a tiny small and little minority is there :). We just have to get more. There was this funny philosopher and sociologist Simmel, who said: “There are only 15 people on earth. Just that they move so fast.” (Maybe that would be the trick ;-)))))).

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