There is an alternative: participatory economics

published at 21 Apr 2012

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In this interview, Michael Albert — co-founder of Znet — reflects on the vision of participatory economics, and how it could take us beyond capitalism.

(Image by Ceasefire Magazine)

We are very excited to share our first interview in the There Is An Alternative series, in which we will be speaking with writers, activists and thought-leaders from around the world to find new ideas and inspiration for an alternative future. This particular interview is part of a conversation between ROAR founder Jerome and Michael Albert — co-founder of the alternative media organization Zcommunications and author of Parecon: Life after Capitalism. Below, Michael reponds to a number of our questions about Znet, participatory economics, and anti-capitalist practice and ideology more generally. You can find Jerome’s interview on Znet (here).

ROAR: Michael, you are one of the original founders of ZCommunications, arguably the main intellectual hub for libertarian socialist thought and reflection. What were your initial motivations for founding ZMagazine and ZNet, and how has your initiative evolved since then?  Continue reading