The Answer to ‘Anomie’ will be Disobedience

1 “It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right…”
– Henry David Thoreau

By Mattheos Tsimitakis
from the May Day International initiative

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Takis Mihas, a right-wing politician and columnist, pointed out that Greece’s main problem is not of economic nature, but a problem of Governance: “Greece is slowly becoming a society where ‘low-intensity conflict’ dominates, the legal order is breaking down and appeals to universal values become meaningless” the story goes, for Mihas. He is not unprecedented. The myth has been constructed for years now, by conservative analysts in the established media, in order to justify the capitalist attack on the European social contract and its domestic instantiations. The old recipe of divide and rule is again in action. Continue reading