Come to London:

Join the TUC demonstration on Saturday 20 October and the Europe Against Austerity Action Conference on Sunday 21 October

On Saturday October 20th the British Trades Union Congress is holding a march against austerity ‘For a future that works’. Hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets of London to oppose the cuts being forced upon them. The Coalition of Resistance will be at the heart of this demonstration with its message of ‘No Cuts’. The participation of delegations from across Europe will hugely strengthen the significance of what will be a massive mobilisation.

In 2011 our organisation initiated the Europe Against Austerity conference which issued a call for joint action against austerity throughout Europe. More than 600 people attended the conference in October 2011, with 150 coming from other parts of Europe. Since that conference we have seen big struggles in Greece where there have been many days of general strike action and in Spain where the Asturian miners have inspired the support of millions throughout Europe. The nature of the onslaught on the peoples of Europe means that such actions will continue and escalate. Further solidarity work and coordination is now urgently needed.

We appeal for anti-austerity organisations throughout Europe to come to London on 20th and 21st October to participate both in the London demonstration and to meet the following day to discuss common action to turn back the tide of austerity. We must build co-ordinated action to enable victories against a common enemy. We are already receiving pledges of support for these events, from OLME and Syriza in Greece, from trade unions and anti-austerity groups in France, Belgium and Spain, and from the European Left Party Executive. Please help us build on this by joining us in London in October – to show that the strength of the European working class movement is in its unity and solidarity.

Let’s make October 20/21 the next step in our common struggle against austerity.

The TUC demonstration will assemble outside the Embankment undergroundstation on Saturday 20 October.

The Europe Against Austerity conference will take place from 11am till 4:30pm on Sunday 21st October in the head office of the UNITE trade-union, 128 Theobald’s Road, London WC1X 8TN, near Holborn underground station.


The proposed agenda is as follows:

11am – 12pm: Breakfast
12 – 1pm: Eurocrisis – Into the abyss?
1.15pm – 2.45pm: The shape of the resistance
3-4:30pm: Actions, co-operation and the timeline to the Athens 2013 Alter-Summit.

A more detailed agenda with the list of speakers will be circulated.

Please let us know if you require homestay accommodation and if you will be attending one or both events.


Coalition of Resistance

Greek archaeologists in Coalition of Resistance speaking tour

Greek archaeologists are to speak at a series of Coalition of Resistance meetings also featuring screenings of the film ‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay‘ about the recent Trade Union delegation to Greece

Greek archaeologists Despina Koutsoumba and Fotios Georgiadis, from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Civil Servants Union, will be visiting the UK and speaking at three public meetings organised by the Coalition of Resistance. These meetings will also have a preview of the new film by Tansy Hoskins and Paul Hanes about the Coalition of Resistance / People’s Charter delegation to Greece.

Greek archaeological heritage is in danger. Greek government archaeological services are being devastated by austerity cuts. Hundreds of state-employed archaeologists are losing their jobs. Many more are facing salary cuts of a third or more.

Join the Greece Solidarity Campaign – see the website:

Public meeting details: Crisis in Greek Archaeology: Stop the Cuts, Restore Democracy

6:30pm, Tuesday 24 April
Room 612, Institute of Archaeology, UCL
31-34 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PY
Speakers: Despina Koutsoumba, Fotios Georgiadis, Tansy Hoskins (film producer)

6.30pm, Wednesday 25 April
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, 43 Woodland Rd, Bristol
Speakers: Despina Koutsoumba, Fotios Georgiadis, Tansy Hoskins (film producer)

‘Solidarity Versus Austerity: Report back from Greece’
7pm, Thursday 26 April
St Johns Church Hall, 30 Grainger Street, Newcastle, North East, NE1 5JG
Speakers: Despina Koutsoumba, Paul Mackney (Coalition of Resistance)