“Pray for Tsipras” is a project created for the Flaneur Magazine ( The project focuses on the idea of the submission to the authorities through religious performance.

During the Spiritual Gospel Festival, organized by the Nigerian community in Kypseli, the Nigerian performers asked the audience to pray for Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister. Some months later the tweet #prayfortsipras travelled around the world for supporting Greece on the austerity issue.

The Spiritual Gospel Festival was held at Kypseli square and in front of Kanaris’ scultpure, one of the Greek national heroes of the 1821 revolution.



May the prime minister be blessed

We love and pray for Greece

May Greece have grace

We pray against the destructionKeep hope alive!!

May Greece be blessed

May the prime minister be blessed with wisdom

Greece will make it, we believe it

Greece will be saved

We pray for the prosperousness of Greece

We thank Greece for its love towards us

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