OPEN THE BORDERS! International refugee demonstration at Mytilini harbour



On Friday night there have been clashes between refugees and the police in Moria. Initially it was due to 500 people being left without food, then refugees heard about rumors on 8 dead refugees in a container in the Mytilini port. When the police refused giving information about the deaths refugees got angry and clashed with the police again. On the following day, yesterday 10th September, refugees of different nationalities organized a demonstration at the harbor with the support of NBK Lesvos. About 250 people came and walked along the harbor loud and peacefully. Apart from some moments of tension when people feared that some of the refugees would climb the fence to the port and throw stones at policemen, it was a manifestation of anger about the conditions in Moria and on Lesvos. A manifestation of international solidarity and, literally, a shout out for freedom. Many tourists were watching and some joined and the Greek press was there. The police was taking pictures, too. At the end NoBorderKitchen distributed food and water for all the refugees.

We demand: Open the borders! Close Moria! Freedom of movement is everybody’s right!


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