Galbraith, writing for DiEM25 on OXI’s anniversary, on our Plan X

Yanis Varoufakis

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James K. Galbraith, a founding DiEM25 member, writes exclusively on DiEM25’s site about his latest book and his contribution to the first SYRIZA government’s Plan X – a defensive plan to be activated if Greece’s creditors made good of their threat to throw Greece out of the euro in response to the new government’s determination to re-negotiate the troika’s failed ‘Greek program’. Yesterday, on the first anniversary of the courageous OXI vote of the Greek people, the Greek oligarchic media were trying to exploit Galbraith’s book in order to have Yanis Varoufakis indicted, censured or, simply, vilified. Their venom against OXI and Varoufakis is proof that the memory of the Athens Spring still haunts them. In the article below, James K. Galbraith makes it abundantly clear: The team working in the Finance Ministry, under Varoufakis, was the only side during the 2015 negotiation that did its duty fully and…

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One response to “Galbraith, writing for DiEM25 on OXI’s anniversary, on our Plan X

  1. I have always secretly admired the simple elegant genies of Plan X. Why not just launch it as a private / public-private fintech start-up? There are thousands of alternative currencies today. New school mutual exchange credit facilities like Sardex in Italy are spectacularly successful. The various elements can be ‘switched and mixed’ for the unique Greek situation. There is an energetic and intelligent tech community in Athens that could help an international “board of experts” set it up. The super star power of Prof. Varoufakis would guarantee fee marketing from the media. The current debt clock show EUR 33K of debt per Greek citizen. I would suggest issuing 35K “new e-drachmas” to every citizen. The could demur a bit to guarantee uptake and ideally be accepted for taxes and/or bus fares. It would all be legal and we wouldn’t need permission from Brussels to launch tomorrow. Cheers.

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