The Bridge: Art in the Athenian suburbs


Bridge (Γέφυρα) is a configuration of an evolving work that KERNEL has been developing the last two years around an incident related to a recently-built infrastructural project located in the Athenian suburbs: a transport railway bridge of foreign interests that was mysteriously sabotaged on its inaugural journey.

The installation that constitutes Bridge takes as a starting point the witnessing and documentation of an abstract large-scale scribble painted on both sides of the railway bridge, identified later as signed under the name “Ofrah Kasei”. Actualized as compositional formations and emerging manifestations of sociality that come in dialogue with this elusive public intervention, the installation and its activations originate from the collective observation of tacit events, from encounters with concrete and abstract subjectivities and the involvement in both disclosed and hidden synergies. Through processes of spatial and situational coding, KERNEL orchestrates material and visual traces associated with equivocal social acts and the parasitic economies that were generated by the destabilization of local industries and customary labor conditions during the last decade.

Bridge looks at instances of friction and resistance within the systems of real-time connectivity, maximized efficiency and unconditional automation that perpetually suggested extreme scenarios for the organization of human time and life. Contemplating on the location of Greece as a historical node between East and West and its entanglement in networks of global logistical operations and novel colonizations, Bridge unfolds a critical narrative on the contemporary geopolitical shifts that relate to the worldwide movements of matter, energy, information and people.

Bridge will be opened 12.00-20.00, on the following Fridays, when a series of events will be hosted during the evening:

Friday 27 May, 20.00 / Opening
Friday 3 June, 20.00 / Inheritance of the Shipped will be a discussion around Γέφυρα by KERNEL, within the context of an ongoing text written in collaboration with Stefano Harney.
Friday, 10 June 20.00 / Near Real Time Calibration will be a public rehearsal with performer Erato Choli.
Friday 17 June, 20.00 / Ofrah Kasei will produce an environment where Arrangement Propositions may be read.
Friday 24 June, 20.00 / Closing
KERNEL is an art collective founded in 2009 in Athens by architect Pegy Zali and artists Petros Moris and Theodoros Giannakis.

KERNEL has had solo shows at Union Pacific (London, 2015), V4ULT (Berlin, 2014) and SPACE (London, 2013) and has presented its work at art spaces and museums including ICA (London, 2015), Kunstraum Niederoesterreich (Vienna, 2015), Osage Gallery (Hong Kong, 2015), Ontario College of Art & Design University Gallery (Toronto, 2014), D21 (Leipzig, 2014), the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens, 2013), V22 (London, 2012) and the Athens Biennale (Athens, 2011). They have organized curatorial projects including Word of Mouth for the Athens Biennale (Athens, 2011) THE PUBLIC SCHOOL in Athens (Athens, 2011), BYOB London at The Woodmill (London 2011) and Full/Operational/Toolbox at their ceased temporary project space M21 (Athens 2010).

KERNEL would like to thank Andreas Melas, as well as Dimitris Mavrakis, Vasilis Barbinis, Katerina Spyratou and Lito Kattou for their contribution in the realization of Γέφυρα. Video Cinematography by Christoforos Loupas.

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