The Guardian: Greek artists: how do you feel about changes to the Athens and Epidaurus Festival?


Assembly of Greek Artists and Art Professionals on Friday 1st of April at Theatre Sfendoni concerning Jan Fabre’s Programming for the Greek Festival

The Guardian:

We want to know what members of Greece’s art community think of the festival’s new direction

Friday 1 April 2016
Greece’s landmark cultural festival has a new art director, Jan Fabre, who is dedicating his first programme to works from his homeland Belgian. We want to know what Greek artists make of Fabre’s approach. Do you welcome the changes? Or do you feel that Greek artists have been sidelined?

In addition to curating a line-up about the “Belgian spirit”, the multidisciplinary artist has also changed the festival’s name to the International Athens and Epidaurus Festival (formally known as the Athens and Epidaurus Festival). According to Kathimerini newspaper, 80% of this year’s festival will be made up of Belgium productions.

How do you feel about the way Jan Fabre is curating the Athens and Epidaurus Festival?*

Do you think it’s important that the Athens and Epidaurus Festival celebrates Greek artists?*

What artistic discipline best describes your work? (e.g. painting, moving image)*


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