MEPs ask the Commission to further enhanced independence and monitoring of the Complaints Mechanism for human rights violations of the EBCG

Apostolis Fotiadis

csm_Migration-frontex-web_db49930677Fourteen MEPs have submitted a question to the European Commission on 10 February 2016 questioning the status of the new Complaints Mechanism foreseen as a structure within the new European Border and Coast Guard (EBCG). The Complaints Mechanism will be responsible for accepting and examining complaints regarding possible violations of rights by EBCG officials during operations. The MEPs question whether the Mechanism will be essentially competent to fulfill its duties given it will be entirely controlled by personnel and officials of the ECBG and inquire with the commission the need for a more independent role.

“On 15.12.2015 the European Commission published a proposal for setting up a European Border and Coast Guard with broad competences in the management of migration flows at the external borders of the EU, even without the consent of the member-states, raising questions of serious risks of violation of refugees’ fundamental rights, as was previously the…

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