Kicking Greece out of Schengen won’t stop the refugee crisis

Apostolis Fotiadis


Word is going around European media that EU leaders are preparing to cut off Greece from Schengen unless it accepts their plan on how to deal with the refugee crisis, and an operation by the European border agency, Frontex, to control its borders.

If a report in the Financial Times is to be believed, several European ministers and senior officials in Brussels are frustrated with Athens’ inability to address “serious deficiencies” in its border control and refusal to accept EU offers of help. At the next EU summit, in mid-December, they plan to present Greece with the option either to accept a new EU border control regime or face restrictions to its citizens’ rights to move freely within the EU.

Let’s have a closer look at what exactly Greece is being blamed for having failed at. According to various German, Hungarian, Slovak, Polish and many other EU government officials, Greece…

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