Collaborative planning & design group

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CPD is:

A Collaborative planning & design group, with horizontal organisation and cooperative economic structure
An Interdisciplinary group, with complementary specialties and wide range of services
A Group with specific vision for the city, space and the society
A Consulting group with main focus on the public-social interest: public space, public buildings and public infrastructure
It is not a common engineering consulting group, it is not a research laboratory, it is not just another social collective, but all of these together!
It aspires to be:

The daily consultant-engineer and the connecting link between citizens, social institutions, local authorities and any organisation wishing to promote projects in line with its vision
A node for exchange of knowledge, ideas and applied practices among citizens, experts, decision makers and any other interested party
A pole of innovation, in the context of its philosophy, where it can elaborate original research and implementation projects in collaboration with other groups of scientists or individuals, with special reference to the conditions of economic crisis, but also with international aim and perspective

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