Greek soldiers refuse to confront refugees (statement); call to mutiny?


migrants-kos-police Greek police attack refugees on Kos

The following inspirational statement deserves the widest possible circulation. It is from Greek conscripts in 50 units of the Armed Forces. The statement is notable for linking all the current horrors inflicted on workers everywhere to a single cause – the ongoing crisis of the capitalist system. In this crisis, which demands sacrifices in lost and ruined lives, all workers, whatever their condition, have a common cause and a common interest. The document comes from “Diktyo Spartakos” (‘Spartacus Net’), which is a far leftist formation inside the Greek army, mainly composed of the New Left Current (NAP) but it has a broader impact among far leftists and anarchists. These conscripts have clearly had enough of all the dirty deeds (1) demanded of them.

(Note: this article is a slightly edited version of an article first published in The Internationalist.)

Collaborative Media Briefing October…

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