Crowdfunding Lesvos Refugees

We’re raising £1,000 to give food, water & shelter to refugees in Lesvos because everyone should be entitled to basic human rights
Lesvos, Greece

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What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?
To deliver basic humanitarian items like food, water and shelter to refugees who arrive in Lesvos in Greece. Over 181,000 refugees have arrived by sea in Greece this year, most to Lesvos. 66% come from Syria. Greece is in crisis and cannot cope with managing the situation. There is very limited presence of international NGOs and the backbone of the humanitarian response has come from grassroots voluntary groups. Let’s support them to provide clean water, food & shelter for the refugees.

Why do we care about this?
No human should be without food, water and shelter. It is simply heartbreaking to see the refugees who have escaped war, arrive in Europe and not even have a tent to sleep in. There are volunteer groups on the island like Oloi Mazi (the village of altogther) and Help the Molyvos Refugees who work tirelessly and selflessly and this is an effort to support them.

How will the money be spent?
1. Food – to be distributed at camps and bus stops 2. Tents – to be used at the camps and other informal settings because there are not enough 3. Water – for refugees walking the 70km journey on arrival/waiting for bus 4. Transport – to transfer volunteers & food to the camps to deliver food; to help ferry children & disabled from arrival points to the bus stop 5. Interpreting costs 6. Cleaning materials because the camps are filthy

When will supporters see the difference?
Immediately. As soon as the crowdfunding date expires, I will go to Lesvos and work with the existing grassroots organisations to deliver the funds.


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