Metaxication Inc. workshop by the Athens Subsumption Group

Hybrid City Conference
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15-16 September 2015 // 11:00 – 20:00 / Athens
In the context of the Hybrid City 2015 conference, the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (URIAC), along with the New Technologies Laboratory of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens, present a series of workshops in collaboration with renowned researchers, artists, platforms and collectives. These workshops aim to further expand on this year’s theme “Data to the People” and aspire to shed light on the complex technosocial recombination that shape urban life in Athens today.

: Bring out the data :

Metaxication Inc. is a well-established corporation, looking for passionate multitasking people, holding critical thinking and organisation skills to participate in a 2-day workshop for the creation of a prototype.

For this workshop our “laboratory” will be in the neighborhood of Metaxourgeio which will be examined through the lens of a “shadow corporation” as a node of international flows of capital and materials which have made this working class district into a hub of global trade.

The laboratory will look at new emerging geographies where public space is transformed to economic zones, places of production, transport hubs and industrial facilities as well as spaces of illegal commercial transactions. Participants will explore forgotten/invisible spaces, forming economic heterotopias of production. They will become enmeshed in a temporal network of immateriality by way of a selection of tactile objects that we’ll dissect through a variety of theoretical tools and methodologies.

The shadow corporation is called “Metaxication Inc” to link the workshop activities with the spatiality (Metaxourgeio), materiality (silk in Greek i.e. metaxi) and historiography (trade routes) of capital flows.


The workshops will take place during 15-16 of September 2015, and will be hosted in the premises of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Athens, in the city center.
The process, as well as the possible outcome of all workshops will be presented during the Hybrid City Conference.


Contact People for expression of interest:

Ismini Epitropou • isminepi [at]
Maria Athina Tzioka • maroutz [at]
Penny Travlou • sp.travlou [at]
The email should include a short bio of yours (of 150 – 200 words) and a short statement (of 50 to 100 words) – both in English – describing your interest in relation to the workshop you wish to attend. There are limited seats.

You are requested to register to the workshop after confirmation of your attendance from the workshop organisers. Knowledge of programming is not needed; strong interest and enthusiasm are the only prerequisites.

Deadline for expression of interest: 20 of August 2015
For attendants of the Hybrid City Conference, participation in the workshops is free.

For those not wishing to attend the Hybrid City Conference, a special fee* for participating in a workshop is required.

More Info on the workshops here

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