Wolfgang Schauble, German Minister of Economy: Resign

Why this is important:

It is his own inspiration “rescue programs” of austerity that have been applied in Greece for 5 years and failed completely. He is the one who doesn’t want now a different kind of program for greek economy because he doesn’t want to accept his failure. He is responsible for the upcoming humnitarian catastrophe in Greece with effects to the global economy. He’s cynical phrase to the American Minister Jack Lew “let’s swap Greece with Puerto Rico” is indicative of the way he thinks about people’s lives.In Greece there is 1.500.000 million people unemployed and 3.000.000 people below the poverty line (the population of Greece is 10.000.000).



One response to “Wolfgang Schauble, German Minister of Economy: Resign

  1. How can we warn the petition’s author that Schauble is minister of finance, not economy? I’ve been spreading the petition, but it would be better without the mistake 🙂

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