Ugo Mattei Statement in Support of Greek People


I wish to express the full solidarity of myself and I feel confident to interpret the same feelings of the Italian commons movement in supporting the heroic effort of the Syriza to resist the austerity blackmail while seeking direct support of the people. In Italy the referendum on water has proved that the people can act and think independently when the future is at stake. Already in the past in Italy internationally supported austerity measures opened the way to fascism. By voting NO the Greek people can avoid more historical tragedies for their own sake and the sake of all of us.
As an Italian I gladly renounce to my debt and as a European I am grateful to all what you are doing. Just tell to the people that if they vote Yes they already know the script of a sad movie while if they vote No they will be able to direct their own with the help and solidarity of all of us.

Signature Ugo Mattei Professor of Civil Law, University of Torino, Professor of International Law, University of California, Hastings.


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