Within the Ashes (2013) by Adriana Corral


Within the Ashes (2013) is a performance-installation by Adriana Corral that mourns and denounces the terrible wave of femicides plaguing Ciudad Juárez since the 1990s.

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Adriana Corral, Within the Ashes, installation/performance, image stills from performance video and installation final view. 2013. Aerial map view of Ciudad Juarez, with marked sites of found mass graves, ashes from burned paper lists of victims’ names mixed with red powder pigment, dimensions vary. Images courtesy of the artist.

And here’s Adriana’s description of her piece.

Expanding my research, I began to look at areal map views of the 2002 Cotton Field femicide case that in turn led me to research and locate four other areas where mass graves of women were found throughout…

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