FT’s Peter Spiegel denies that Varoufakis was called ‘time-waster’ and ‘gambler’ at Riga Eurogroup

published at newsbomb.gr

Financial Times journalist Peter Spiegel on Thursday confirmed Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis’ denial of press reports that claimed he’d been personally insulted by EU colleagues at the Eurogroup in Riga.
“It is 100% accurate @yanisvaroufakis not personally insulted at Riga #eurogroup. Words “gambler”, “amateur”, “time-waster” never uttered,” Spiegel tweeted on Thursday.
In a second tweet, he emphasised that his reporting “says those words were never uttered.”
Varoufakis responded, also via Twitter, saying he was “glad to see the truth emerge – even belatedly…”
Read more: http://www.newsbomb.gr/en/story/589012/ft-s-peter-spiegel-denies-that-varoufakis-was-called-time-waster-and-gambler-at-riga-eurogroup#ixzz3axPKAthy

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