OXI: An Act of Resistance

The popular resistance to the current Greek economic crisis explored and expressed through the ethical and political writings of Ancient Greece.


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Director Ken McMullen
Producers Ken McMullen, Martin McQuillan, Alexandra Ramniceanu
Screenwriter Ken McMullen
With Dominique Pinon, Gabriella Wright, John Shrapnel
UK-Greece-France 2014
98 mins
Production company Scape UK
Ken McMullen’s latest cinematic investigation takes on the Greek economic crisis through a philosophical journey into the clash of Sophocles’ morality-bound Antigone against law-making king Creon. A detective introduces us to a modern-day sphinx, who guides us through dramatisations of the dilemmas of the ancient plays, as well as interviews with Greek economists, politicians and ordinary people affected by the crisis. Contemporary philosophers cast a contemporary ethical view on the state of global capitalism and the ravages it has wreaked on the country of Pericles democracy and the original welfare state. The film seeks a catharsis that at once heals and resists, proving the veracity of Thucydides’ dictum that human nature is destined to inevitably repeat itself.

Helen de Wittoxi-001


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