Tsipras-Putin Meeting to Focus on Bilateral Cooperation

Politics by Ioanna Zikakou – Apr 3, 2015

tsipras-putinGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to travel to Moscow on April 8 and May 9, according Dmitry Peskov, press spokesman for the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Furthermore, Peskov noted that the Greek Prime Minister’s first journey to Moscow will focus on talks about work, while on May 9 he will attend a commemorative event, to honor Victory Day.

“They are two different events,” said Putin’s press spokesman, clarifying that Moscow would like for the Greek Prime Minister to respond to both invitations.

On April 2, Athens issued a notice containing all the issues that Tsipras will discuss with the Russian President. According to the Greek Prime Minister’s press office, Tsipras will meet with President Vladimir Putin and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in order to discuss issues of bilateral interest, such as trade and economic cooperation, investments, energy, tourism and the educational-cultural cooperation between the two countries, in view of two countries’ joint decision that 2016 will be a “Year of Greece” in Russia and a “Year of Russia” in Greece. At the same time, the three men will also discuss issues regarding Russia’s relation to the EU, as well as the current developments in regional and international issues.

Meanwhile, according to the Kremlin, on April 8, Tsipras and Putin will discuss a wide range of issues regarding the two countries’ cooperation in the trade-economic, investment and humanitarian-cultural sectors, while they will also sign a series of bilateral agreements.

In a recent interview with the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, Tsipras noted that his visit will offer “a new dynamic in the Greek-Russian relations,” adding that “Greece as an EU member, may act as a bridge between the West and Russia.” The Greek Prime Minister had spoken against EU and U.S. sanctions against Russia, describing them as “a road that leads nowhere.”

During his visit to Moscow, Tsipras, is expected to visit Prime Minister Medvedev and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and give a speech at one of the country’s major universities, since he believes that there can be potential cooperation among Greek and Russian universities.

– See more at: http://greece.greekreporter.com/2015/04/03/tsipras-putin-meeting-to-focus-on-bilateral-cooperation/#sthash.u2HClxRV.dpuf

One response to “Tsipras-Putin Meeting to Focus on Bilateral Cooperation

  1. The Russians are the best tourists money-wise to the tourism business in Greece.

    There are many Greeks from past generations who went to live in Russia, so knowledge of the language and culture both Russian and Greek is well established.

    Only the wealth of Russia can bring about the return of the Drachma.

    Greece was fine with the Drachma, the shops were full, people had money.

    Today Greece is as bad off as during the second world war, with the same nation’s politicians the cause.

    Someone in the IMF once noted Greece was as well off as in 1943, forgetting this was during the occupation by an extreme German politician.

    One can only wish Mr Tspiras, Sir, the best of all luck. Or really the best of all Greece’s luck to become friends with wealthy Russia.

    And Greece get lots of Russian tourists without any need of Visas and any other restrictions.

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