Is Fascism on the Rise?

May 8-9, 2015, Panteion University Athens, Greece
EASP Small Group Meeting:

A dialogue between social psychologists and historians on collective memories and on the current revival of extreme right-wing ideologies
Contact: Xenia Chryssochoou at or
Organizers: Xenia Chryssochoou, Susan Condor, Chiara Volpato, Christina Kouloupri (Historian), Chantal Kesteloot (Historian)

Social Psychology was developed mainly after WWII and research on authoritarianism, obedience, social influence, intergroup relations and common sense knowledge aimed to understand how and why the horrors of the war were possible. Seventy years later we see a rise of conservative and extreme right-wing ideologies in Europe, of hatred, xenophobia and scapegoating towards culturally diverse populations and a tolerance of the curtailing civil liberties and human rights. Can the legacy of WWII help understand the current increase of these ideologies? How have the memories of WWII, contributed to the construction of national and European identities and to the vision of European integration? What can we learn from social psychological theories and research?

In this workshop we aim to develop a scientific exchange in order to:
 achieve a scientific understanding of the nature of fascism
 develop a systematic understanding of the conditions under which extreme right-wing ideas become popular and people move from support of democratic leaders for support for authoritarian leaders
 consider the similarities and differences between a psychology of racism and a psychology of fascism or extreme right-wing ideologies
 consider, in particular, the role of historical memories of fascism in WWII on the contemporary rise of neo-nazi ideologies.

To answer these questions we propose a small group meeting that will bring together social psychologists and historians to discuss whether we can make parallels with fascists movements of the 1930/40 and the current situation. We invite social psychological contributions from different areas (identity and intergroup relations, social influence, collective emotions, stereotype research, authoritarianism, national identity, dehumanization, collective memory, resistance, solidarity, human rights and representations of the democratic process) and of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Papers will be presented and discussed along historical accounts and explanations of the phenomenon. They
will be circulated in advance and ample time will be devoted to discussion.

The small group meeting will take place the 8-9 May 2015 in Athens
COST Action 1205 “ Social Psychological Dynamics of Historical Representations in the enlarged European Union” will fund the participation of 7 social psychologists (members of the COST Action network). Participants who are not members of the Cost Action will have to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Interested participants should send an abstract of 600 words to Xenia CHRYSSOCHOOU by January 10th 2015 at or

Important deadlines:
Submission January 10th 2015
Notification of the decision by end of January 2015
Papers produced by end of March 2015


One response to “Is Fascism on the Rise?

  1. The West has not been Judaeo-Christian for a thousand years. Judaeo-Christianity has been a feature of old testament Protestantism but only became a true virus also infecting Catholicism after the Jews won the second world war. Muslims are the symptom of the Jewish disease in Europe. It is the Jews who are bringing the third world in to genocide the indigenous European people who alone among the races stand intellectually in the way of the Jew World Order. Yes, there is a rise in fascism which is an organic response to white genocide and the corruption and destruction of indigenous European families through Jewsmedia and Jewish entertainment corruption and their promotion of feminism, homosexuality and vice. It is the intention of the fascists to expel both the Jews and their 3rd world imports from Europe, and nationalists all across Europe are now dialoguing and preparing for a pan-European war. As to Le Pen she is a contemptible stooge of the Jews.

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