One response to “Merkel under pressure to take tough line with Tsipras

  1. OK, if it takes Greece becoming an ally of Putin in Russia to stop the austerity that Germany is insisting Greeks not endure but threaten life and limb, then that will have to be.

    There are enough Greeks in Russia, with both languages to make that an easy option.

    A Greek Drachma underpinned by the Russian Rouble.

    Russia is wealthier, with less debt that the EU and the alst I heard only 5 per cent income tax flat rate.

    And Russia is where power energy comes from, through pipelines.

    The EU will fail one day when all the indebted nations all default at once.

    PODEMOS will win Spain’s general election at end of year, so another
    anti austerity government in an indebted nation.

    Paying an EU banker or starving and homeless is not a human option by the EU.

    The EU threatens workers rights and starvation of the bulk of its population.

    There are foodbanks in Germany.

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