Schultz stands by Varoufakis’ proposal – Surprised by Schaeuble’s reaction

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Joint statements made by Schultz, Faymann
European Parliament President Martin Schultz met with Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann in Vienna. During joint statements, Mr. Schultz stated that it is a matter of respect that the new Greek government should be given a chance, while he underlined that the German FinMin’s sudden reaction to said proposal was surprising. He reiterated that Mr. Varoufakis’ proposal to the EU partners is not lacking substance.

On his own part, the Austrian Chancellor reiterated his belief that there should be understanding on the part of European partners for Greece, and for the new Greek government to be given the chance to change specific points of the agreement. He also warned that a failure to find a solution would mean that other European countries would lose MONEY.

As the chancellor stated, Greeks have taken a step forward, and now the rest of Europe must meet it in order to walk down a road of finding a mutually agreeable solution.

He stated that Greece must approach Europe, and that agreements must be met, but it is mandatory that the special status of the Greek situation must be taken into ACCOUNT. He once more underlined that austerity alone cannot bring forth economic growth.

According to Mr. Feymann, the question is whether the EU, under Germany’s leadership wants to have its own way just to prove it’s right, or build bridges. In any case, he stated, any changes to the austerity program must be studied.


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