One response to “Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis meets Schauble in Berlin

  1. / ablation /

    hectic dancing in the forest of redemption
    fraudulent flowerthorns scouting for flesh
    clueless ignorant
    it’s not a matter of faith, but one of will!
    skin deep awareness
    who needs all that ephemeral blossom?
    shortness of breath
    and why do we breathe autonomously?
    are our mistakes outside the threshold?
    mirk night falls
    and why the sun never skips a day?
    anxiety of demise
    life is an experiment of death
    and death will die with the last mourner.
    You. yes you!
    You are a spoke of the entropic wheel!
    frivolous part of a scree




    εκτύφλωση η λύτρωση
    όροι και υποδείξεις
    σβήνει – χάνεται
    επίπλαστο νόημα
    ένα κουτί κιμάς
    ας σαπίσει
    αυτή η σελίδα λείπει
    δεν υπήρξε ποτέ
    πυρηνική νηνεμία
    δεν στέρεψε το δάκρυ
    ούτε επήλθε σωτηρία
    απλά χάθηκε η σελίδα
    ενόραση στο κενό
    βολικό σκοτάδι



    blinding redemption
    advisory terms
    exhortations and suggestions
    burning off – fading away
    meretricious entity
    minced meat on the box
    let it rot
    this page is missing
    it never existed
    empty smile
    nuclear wind-apnea
    the tears never dried up
    neither salvation was achieved
    simply the page was lost
    insight inside the void
    convenient darkness



    at an unspecified time
    child in the street
    magnetic texture
    vertiginous projection
    visceral plunge
    politeness and requirements
    meticulous propriety
    acceptance and delusion
    oblivion is the eternal craft
    entirety’s aura immolating the self
    absentee obliterated



    autumnal verse of masochistic pride
    precarious demon your alibi
    opaque is thine credential
    thee idealized combatant of solitude
    nibbled chances and dense foliage
    the canopy of The implacable moment
    impetuous fusion among self-control and sarcasm
    superficial functionality collapses unexpectedly



    fecklessly elucidated taunt
    neatly marauding
    quivering glistening hoe
    soaked in jubilant lush
    scalded severed throat
    excessively pallid
    dashed thee particularly
    bleakness rampaging thy once ubiquitous stronghold

    the callow is groaning
    fumbling inside the rotten hollow wound
    able to locate the acute pain’s hot spot
    unable to savvy causality
    unaware meme servant
    nobody cares
    salvation succors the eternally voracious worm


    Το αγαπημένο μου χρώμα είναι το διάφανο, γιατί μου επιτρέπει να δω πίσω απ’ αυτό,
    αν και όλη η ουσία βρίσκεται στο ίδιο και τις λεπτές αποχρώσεις του.


    /thorn of salvation/

    anthropic reasoning
    a warehouse sermon
    custodian of tantrum
    archaic magical beliefs of the deceased
    womb slithering
    eternal life, hope of salvation
    fabling subservients
    paying allegiance to a man made supreme
    built to serve the human greed for eternal life and solace
    for there isn’t such greed for the masses to savvy themselves
    the cross of death and suffering paraphrased
    evasive pectoral girdle
    scruffy-handed clasping
    hollow by the nails
    they cannot grasp reason but fudges of consolation
    crown of thorns
    influx of tactile soreness
    constipation and relapse
    damping damnation
    braving the elements with reverential farts
    closet bonanza scriptures
    querulously replenishing the tumble
    lute of honeyed words
    sweet nothings and terror
    parching potential contingents
    a spindle weaving a pitfall’s net
    to kindle the soul of no return
    arduous part of a funeral rite
    susceptible garment
    sprawling the perky ember
    recitative galley
    adroitly seering recurrent incidents of sorrow
    visceral gratification until secession
    emergence and complexity
    lethal heretical semblance
    clover of inbreeding
    tackling salient twists
    physical thickness until the expiration date
    Second Advent
    Primordial Annihilation
    the fear loving God
    convenient hope and beliefs against common sense
    needs suppling reason
    the scientific method is boring
    the cave is open, we shall obey


    In philosophy, probabilisticism is the ontological thesis that “statistically, many things are probabilistic” (even the thesis is probabilistic).


    Gravity doesn’t pull us together. Emptiness compresses us.


    Η δημοκρατία ως πολιτικό σύστημα αποφέρει την βέλτιστη δυνατή κοινωνική πιθανοτική διαχείριση.

    Democracy as a political system yields the optimum possible social probabilistic management.


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