January 26, 2015Published in ELECTIONS 25.1.15
The editorial of the newspaper Avgi: A historic victory in Greece, a message to Europe

The editorial of the newspapaper “Avgi” translated for

The Greek people chose hope, conquered fear, and sent a message to Europe. They took the last step towards a policy change with determination. They said “no” to the Samaras’ scaremongering and brought SYRIZA to power. It is a historic change for Greece, which brings the Left at the helm of the state in very difficult times, while sending a message to Europe that the austerity policy cannot be continued.

Our people said “no” to the Memorandum policies; They said “no” to new pension and benefit cuts; to the mass firings, auctions, and the unfair taxes that the Samaras’ commitments to the Troika entailed, via the infamous Hardouvelis e-mail; The people said “no” to the austerity and to the campaign of fear imposed by Samaras –who will now face trouble within his own party. Samaras lost the elections not only because of his harsh policy and his commitment to Merkel; but for also leading the once mighty Center-Right to embrace far-right attitudes. The defeat of New Democracy is even worse, because SYRIZA had a higher dynamic of voters in populist regions and in the productive age groups.

The Greek people made a historic choice for hope, dignity, and great political change. The SYRIZA victory brings great political matters such as employment, welfare state, solidarity, social cohesion, and the negotiation for the debt crisis of the EU back into the limelight, rather than harsh austerity, diminished employment rights, internal devaluation, massive unemployment, relegation of democratic values, corruption and clientelism.

Two ideologically opposite political parties, expressed by SYRIZA and New Democracy, competed against each other at the elections, and now, after the result, matters of great importance enter the European agenda. This vast popular demand in Greece for policy changes cannot be ignored. Such demands are an inspiration for the people of the European South, who can see that everything is possible, and that people can prevail over austerity policies and beat established political regimes.

Today there is SYRIZA, tomorrow there will be Podemos! SYRIZA’s victory will , sooner or later, become a springboard for the people of the European South, who are also affected by austerity. SYRIZA’s victory may also benefit the people of Northern Europe, because the change of political course and the liberation from the austerity policies may raise the people’s revenue in these countries, increase popular demand, boost growth, and, finally, remind the EU of its socialist days.

SYRIZA has committed to forming a government which will include all Greeks, without any dependencies on or commitments to the system. SYRIZA has also committed to taking initiatives to form the widest alliance possible to re-negotiate a mutually-accepted debt restructuring for the country’s non-viable debt, without a Memorandum and destructive policies. Greece moves on to a new chapter, with the Left at its helm.

Translated by Christos Triantafyllou for

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