Come to the UAF National Conference – Unite against racism and fascism

– Register here:

Diane Abbott MP, Emily Thornberry MP, Ken Livingstone,
Shahrar Ali (Dep. Leader Green Party), Lutfur Rahman (Mayor of Tower Hamlets), Mark Serwotka (PCS Gen Sec)
Billy Hayes (CWU Gen Sec), Gerry Gable (Searchlight Editor),
Sabby Dhalu/Weyman Bennett – UAF Joint Secretaries
Keep racism out of the general election!
After Paris Shootings – Dont let racists and fascists divide us
Austerity and economic decline – no to Scapegoating immigrants
Opposing Islamophobia, the EDL & fascist street movement
Black Lives Matter! – how do we combat institutional police racism?
Le Pen, Golden Dawn, Jobbik…how do we stop the Euro fascists?
Stand Up to UKIP – how do we stop UKIP
Stand up to Racism – building the UN Anti Racism Day demo – March 21


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