Petition: Let’s return democracy to the Greeks! (Troïka basta)

EU, IMF, rating agencies:

stop blackmailing, stop interfering with Greek elections. Let the people decide!

In order to prevent the possible victory of the left-wing movement Syriza in the January 25 legislative elections, while dirty tricks multiply in Greece (corruption of representatives, restrictions on democratic liberties, and disinformation), the IMF has now announced it would withhold its “help”. The European commissioner in charge of the economy, French Socialist Pierre Moscovici, now tells the Greeks how to vote. The head of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, now announces that he “would not like extreme forces to come to power” in Athens. In Germany, Finance minister Wolfgang Schaüble now reiterates that there is “no alternative” to the current reforms in Greece. Rating agencies have started threatening to downgrade, yet again, the Greek economy. Throughout Europe, the media spread the fear of change so as to discourage the peoples of the Union from embracing progressive political movements that call, like Syriza, for an economic turn.

Indeed, a victory of Syriza in Greece could jeopardize austerity policies imposed to the peoples of the EU against their will by the Troika (the European Bank, the European Commission, and the IMF). The massive demonstrations in Portugal, Spain, and more recently in Italy, or the general strike in Belgium, clearly indicate what has become truly unbearable: the obligation to reimburse illegitimate debts at the expense of a social model that has until now alleviated the sufferings resulting from the capitalist logic, and that still suggests the possibility of an alternative.

Thus threatened in their economic interests, and still smarting from Iceland’s rebellion, the servants of finance in Europe are willing to threaten democracy in Greece and elsewhere. The same who let Viktor Orbán curtail civil liberties in Hungary out of respect for universal suffrage now find it legitimate to interfere with Greek politics. It is clear that the preservation of the interest of banks and multinational groups is of greater importance to them than that of civil liberties. The Greeks who invented democracy have become the martyrs of austerity. The Greeks must be free to decide their own future.

We, citizens of Europe, demand that international financial institutions, rating agencies, and European authorities immediately stop their shameful pressure: they have no right to tell peoples how to vote! Austerity is a political choice that citizens should be able to reject democratically! We side with the leaders of Syriza, and we proclaim that what is going on in Greece concerns all of Europe. What unfolds there could signal the beginning of a new European adventure. We, citizens of Europe, solemnly declare to the Greek people: fear not, count on us, we are on your side. Our Europe is not theirs; it is yours.


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