Thoughts on Workshop 1: On Europe

Inside/Outside Europe

Some weeks back, some of us – contributors to the Inside/Outside Europe project – met for our first workshop, with the loose title ‘On Europe’. Not knowing how to start the conversation about this ‘little thing that is Europe’, as Jacques Derrida would put it, we focused on four articles from four disciplines (philosophy; sociology; cultural studies and history) and four moments from the recent post-1992 past (1998; 2002; 2004; 2012). [For the curious or keen reader of this blog the articles were: Antonis Liakos.  ‘The Canon of European Identity: Transmission and decomposition’; Luisa Passerini ‘Dimensions of the symbolic in the construction of Europeanness’; Jacques Derrida ‘A Europe of Hope’ and Cirila Toplak & Irena Sumi ‘Europe(an Union): Imagined Community in the making’].

The four perspectives on Europe complement each other, as they identify passages from Enlightenment to modernization; fixed and porous notions of borders; tensions between centre and periphery…

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