Depression Era. Στην Εποχή της Ύφεσης


(Depression Era)

The exhibition “Depression Era” depicts the urban and social landscape of the crisis. It is a mosaic of different narratives and ideas, a collective documentation of the traumatic transformation of the crisis, through images and texts. For the past three years, 36 artists, writers, architects, journalists, and researchers have been collaborating, actively engaging in political, social and aesthetic dialogue. The result has been the creation of an artistic “archive” constantly processing the reality of an era.

The Depression Era collective – and the not-for-profit organisation KOLEKTIV8 which supports it – was founded in 2011.


 Its members are: Theofanis Avraam / Petros Babasikas / Georges Charisis / Georges Drivas / Pavlos Fysakis / Marina Gioti / Giorgos Gripeos / Yiannis Hadjiaslanis/ Zoe Hatziyannaki / Harry Kakoulidis / Christos Kapatos / Kostas Kapsianis / Panos Kiamos / Petros Koublis / Nikandre Koukoulioti / Tassos Langis / Maria Louka / Maria Mavropoulou / Dimitris Michalakis / Giorgos Moutafis / Yorgos Prinos / Christina Psarra / Dimitris Rapakousis / Georges Salameh / Spyros Staveris / Olga Stefatou / Angela Svoronou / Vaggelis Tatsis / Yiannis Theodoropoulos / Marinos Tsagkarakis / Dimitris Tsoumplekas / Lukas Vasilikos / Pasqua Vorgia / Chrissoula Voulgari / Eirini Vourloumis / Nikos Xydakis

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