Ukraine Crisis Timeline from


In Eastern Ukraine the violence continues. According to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, local residents are intimidated, threatened, kidnapped and tortured on a regular basis. They cannot show, or voice, their discontent or their disagreement with the invasion because it is simply too dangerous to do so. Militants do not even count their victims. The number of the dead and the injured in 6 occupied towns is unknown. People are killed and buried next to their houses. There are not enough couches for the wounded in hospitals. In the area occupied by Russian regular army and Russia-backed terrorists 130 settlements are cut off from electricity.
Meanwhile in Russia:

Nadya Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina of Pussy Riot have launched an independent news service that will focus in the courts, law enforcement, and the prison system in Russia. MediaZona ( will work closely with Pussy Riot’s prisoners’ rights NGO, Zona Prava, which was launched earlier this year.

If a ‘Russian Maidan’ is what some Ukrainians and Russians are hoping for, they have been beat to the start by volunteer groups that are reportedly being formed in some Russian regions. The Anti-Maidan Council is a body that brings together veterans of Russian military and special forces, activists, and representatives of the Orthodox Church community to work directly with law enforcement authorities to stave off the type of regime change led in part by the Maidan movement in Ukraine.

NATO summit in Wales:

What exactly NATO can do for Ukraine will now be decided at the summit in Wales. Poroshenko said his country does not need foreign troops. Instead, he asked for information from Western intelligence agencies, as well as non-lethal supplies. Others suggest Ukraine needs military support in order to update its army.

But will any of this stop Putin’s plans for continued invasion and annexation? Will any of this bring change to the way that politics of the EU, America, the ‘international political sphere’, are embedded in economic interests that have no care for people’s lives and livelihood in these cities, towns and countries?


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