Dear Friend ,

As you know, the economic and social crisis in Europe is far from over, and its effects continue to be felt by large parts of the population. The conflict in Ukraine puts into question Europe’s commitment to peace. Migrants continue to die in the Mediterranean sea and at border crossings trying to enter the EU. A Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is currently being negotiated by our governments (in secret) with the USA. It is clear that if ever there was a time for civil society to come together and act, that time is now.

This is why European Alternatives is organising the #FixEurope Campus which will bring together citizens, civil society activists, members of movements, organisations and networks from throughout the continent for four days to work together, unite ideas, practices, and proposals to build on our common struggles for democracy and equality in Europe and beyond.

From October 21-24 we will run a three-day campus for reflection, learning and strategic organisation, building and sharing knowledge and actions. The #FixEurope Campus will be about defining political priorities for the year ahead and training workshops will aim to empower participants in new techniques for campaigning, advocacy and communication at EU level.

We can’t #FixEurope without your participation. Take part in the Campus and be part of the solution. Apply at The deadline is September 15th!

Daphne Büllesbach
Citizenship and Democracy Director


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