Tsipras, Nominated by the European Left, as the Voice to Denounce the Policies of the Troika in the European Commission

15 Dezember 2013
The reelected president of the EL, Pierre Laurent, signal that the nomination of the Greek leader “will be an instrument to burst in the European Debate in a combative way”
The head of the Greek party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, said today that his nomination as a candidate for the presidency of the European Commission at the 4th  Congress of the Party of the European Left (EL), which was closed today, is “a historic opportunity” for the left of the continent to present a proposal “against those who have built this European Model.”
Concerning this issue, the Frenchman Pierre Laurent, that today faces a new of three year term chairing the EL, has argued that the nomination of Tsipras “will be a tool to burst into the European debate combative way”
Tsipras stressed that his nomination “is not only symbolic for the Greek people,” that has become “the guinea pig of the continent,” nor is it a candidacy “that represents the peoples of the south, but to all peoples.” In his view, in Europe “there are no geographical boundaries, but ideological and programmatic boundaries,” so that his nomination  “represents all the forces of the left in the continent.”
Alexis Tsipras , whose nomination for president of the European Commission received the support of over 84% of the congress’ delegates predicted that the next European elections of May 2014 “will decide the direction and  the path of the Europe that is being built” and that therefore “these elections are critical and important” for the European left.
For the Greek leader, Europe “is going through a dilemma that has to deal with its own existence. European society has no need to bend on its knees.” He said that “the battle must be won by the peoples of Europe.”
He argued that this Europe “that was built by the hegemonic forces of the right and by the  socialdemocracy is not the Europe of the peoples, our Europe.” For Tsipras, “Europe gives out it wealth to the grand capital and steals the future the poorest in our continent.”
In addition to highlighting the importance of works and decisions taken during the congress, the head of the second Greek political party indicated that the alternative project of the EL “is antagonistic to the neoliberal forces that have created a Europe of poverty and destruction of the social rights of its citizens. ”
Tsipras has acknowledged it will be “an uphill battle, because the forces that have built today’s Europe fear democracy.” Therefore, this nomination “represents the Europe of social cohesion, peace, solidarity and democracy without boundaries.”
For his part, Pierre Laurent, whose re-election as head of the European Left received the support of 76% of the delegates, said that this IV Congress ends with a “more united, more cohesive and extremely combative party prepared for the coming months and the coming years. ”
The French leader warned that “confronting the trap that is trying to be set on the people of Europe,” placing it just between “sinking further into crisis, with the deepening of neoliberal policies and populist politics” the left represented by the EL is “the hope and the alternative to these policies to overcome the crisis.”
Regarding the nomination of Tsipras for the European Commission, Laurent insisted that it will be useful “to give a powerful voice to the EL ” and make it ” major player in the political battle.”
The re-elected president of the European Left highlighted as important agreements two dates for next year: the celebration in March of a European summit on the debt of the alternative left to present a plan and a ” runway from the austerity policies. ” And second, in autumn, the organization of the first European Forum of Alternatives, to be developed “along with political, social and union forces ” to find a way ” of hope and alternative.” He also advanced a campaign against Transatlantic Treaty.

– See more at: http://european-left.org/de/4th-el-congress/tsipras-nominated-european-left-voice-denounce-policies-troika-european-commission#sthash.YklIx9rQ.dpuf

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