Greece: Justice for the victims of Farmakonisi (SIGN & SHARE!)

Source: Avaaz Author: Avaaz Translator: Anna Papoutsi
Greece: Justice for the victims of Farmakonisi (SIGN & SHARE!)

SIGN & SHARE the Avaaz petition!

The hopes of the 28 refugees from Syria and Afghanistan became their worst nightmare when they tried to cross the Mediterranean to arrive to Greece. When they got caught in a storm, the cost guard, instead of rescuing them, capsized their boat towing it at high speed back to Turkey. Survivors say that not only they did not throw them lifejackets but also they were kicking them and threatening them with weapons not to jump on the boat. Nine children and three women drowned. But there is a way to help the victims and stop the rampage in our borders!

European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has the power and all the tools needed to open an investigation into the refoulement of refugees that is going on at the borders with Turkey and which flagrantly violates EU law. It is known that the Commissioner wants to appear as a politician with sensitivity on this subject and, with her term ending soon, she wants to leave a legacy for human rights in Europe. So if thousands of citizens call her to take action now, we will create a wave of protest in the media and the press to initiate proceedings.

Sign the urgent petition to demand from Malmström to force the Greek authorities to comply with EU and international law and stop the violent refoulements that pose the lives of innocent people and children at risk. When we reach 100,000 signatures, we will deliver them to the Commissioner and will forward the issue to the media.

SIGN & SHARE the Avaaz petition!

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