An impossible collaboration: SARCHA and the UTT_ETH Re-activate Athens



“…it would be in the best interest of SARCHA and its associates to remain committed to its constitutional aim: to research the impact of the political on architecture and city conditions and experiment with research topics that seek to imaging the possibility of self-government and the in common reassembling of the cities (the city of Athens in particular). This is far removed from the ‘third way’ (Karl Marx with Milton Friedman) approach [Alfredo Brillembourg UTT, ETH] presented in [his] opening talk [22/10/2013] as the overall vision for the ‘Re-activating – 101 ideas for Athens’.”

This is an excerpt from the letter sent to the ETH Chair of Architecture and Urban Design and Urban Think Tank (UTT) director prof.  A. Brillemburg, followingdiscussions for a possible collaboration of SARCHA in the Re-activating Athens UTT_ETH project. See full text at



Listen to the panel discussion at the DEMOS London Event and see the Submitted Ideas.


We have expected to bring DEMOS to a next stage through the Re-activate Athens; this was a reason for entering into discussions with the UTT_ETH. However, DEMOS could not fit into the logic of the ‘101 ideas for the city’. SARCHA is looking for other ways and collaborations to take DEMOS at its next stage and we shall keep you informed.

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