Updated: Two actors arrested at free self-managed EMBROS theatre in Athens



Update 10/31/2013 – The two actors arrested have been released, and they will have a hearing on Nov 14. They’re being charged with disturbing the peace, occupying a privately owned space (squatting), and breaking and entering. A lawyer has offered to represent them free of charge; and next week a protest will be organized for Saturday Nov 9th.

10/30/2013 – From the Open Assembly of the free self-managed EMBROS Theater after the arrest of two young actors at EMBROS – Call for group presence and support

On October 30 2013, police officers from the Acropolis police station arrested two young actors who were holding rehearsals at the free self-managed EMBROS Theater. The two arrested actors were led to the prosecutor, where they were charged with the breaching of seals, disrupting domestic peace, and repeatedly occupying a public building. They are currently detained, and will be tried tomorrow 31/10/2013 with a flagrante process.


10/31/2013 – Two rallies (the night of 10/30/2013 and at NOON on 10/31/13) were held in support of arrested actors from free self-managed EMBROS Theater

For the last two years, EMBROS has been functioning as a non-commodified cultural and social space in the sensitive area of Psyrri, in the center of Athens. The action of today’s arrest is undeniably part of a bigger scheme of a political wipe-out of “lawlessness”, in other words of the freedom of expression, of social solidarity, of self-management and the creation of culture outside the norms of the vulgar market. The attack on EMBROS, a few days after the invasion of social infirmaries, and perhaps a few days before the threatened raid of the occupied ERT public television-radio station, leaves no doubt about the intentions of a government which appears determined to “redeem itself” of all kinds of social solidarity, after having already dismantled state structures.


The Open Assembly of the free self-managed EMBROS Theater moves forward tonight with a night protest, marching together from EMBROS to the Acropolis Police Station, and invites you tomorrow, Thursday October 31 2013, at 12pm noon to the flagrante process “Aftoforo Monomeles Plimmeliodikio Scholis Evelpidon” (Building 2) to show support for the arrested and resistance towards authoritarianism of power.

EMBROS continues its program as scheduled and invites you to actively take part and participate!


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