Embros Theatre Occupation :: 24hour EMERGENCY ROOM ::

:: 24hour EMERGENCY ROOM ::


Embros will be open for 24hours with non-stop activities that respond to the emergent(cy) situation of Embros and Greece. A 24hour programme with ephemeral performances, food, spontaneous statements, organised discussions, participatory actions, predictions for music as well as overnight stay and sleeping in the space….

Join us to celebrate our endlessly ephemeral condition!

‘On duty’: From Friday 4 October (7 p.m.) to Saturday 5th October

Embros Theatre: Riga Palamidi 2, Psyrri
Organised/Curated by Kolektiva Omonia


7:00 P.M.                # Walls [Installation “Preview from the permanent collection of Tsakonas & Alexandridis foundation” by Giorgos Alexandridis and Pavlos Tsakonas]
7:00-9:00                   # For Sale [performance/installation by Εleni Kalara]
9:00-9:30                   # Οrthopedics [Dance performance by Kostas Tsioukas]
9:30-10:00                 # Οrthopedics [Dance Performance by Mariela Nestora]
10:00-11:00              # Pharmacy [performance video/sound by Alexandros Mistriotis and Stathis Xrysidis]
11:00-12:00            # Εmergencies [performances / statements with open participation. Participants: N. Anastasopoulos, K.Theodorou, X.Thomopoulou, D. Kenos, X. Katsari, V. Kyriakoulakou, S. Mousouli, E. Kalara, T. Skanatovits, T, Tsalapatis and others]
12:00-02:00            # Open Line [one to one encounters including phychotherapy, fortune telling, relationship advice, work support, memorial service, etc Participants: Vassiliki Dimou, Effi Gianopoulou, Dimitris Kenos, Tonia Katerini, Eleni Kalara, Viky Kyriakoulakou, Theano Polyzogopoulou, Syrakos Ioannis Kesen, Pavlina Marfin, Danae Sioziou]
02.00                        # Dream Meal [Late night Snack. Menu: Boiled wheat soup with feta cheese and pasta with chicken sauce]
03.00                       # Sleep-in [Bring a sleeping bag and come to sleep together on Embros stage]
# Sleep theraphy [Fairytales splatter by Georgia Karydi and contrabass by Alekos Vasilakos]


10:00-11:00              # Dreamtherapy [Organised by Mariela Nestora]
11.00-1.00                # Coffee and phonecalls [We serve hot coffee, freshly baked bread, marmelade and crepes while Angleos Kuriou is on a music call with Acte Vide]
1:00                           # Reception [‘Maze’ installation by Melina Markaki]
3.00-4.00                  # First Aid [workshops, tests]

4:00                          # Tea and Sympathy [Tea, crispbread from Psyrri, raisins and local soft cheese]
4:00-4:30                 # Alternative Therapies [‘From clown army to human chains’ Examples of civic disobidience and non-violent resistance from Greece and abroad] Presenter: Maria Peteinaki
4:30-5:00                # Unit 1-1-4 [Alternative structures in the educational system] Participants: Tutorpool, Georgia Valomenou
5:00-8:00                # Antibodies: Forms of radical action for a society in crisis [Round table discussion. Participants: Fotini Vaki, Vassilis Xydias, Aris Kalantidis, Christoforos Kasdaglis, Apostolos Kapsalis, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Dimitri Sevastaki. Chair: Effi Gianopoulou]

8:15-8:45            # Pharmacy [«The broken diary of Lilly Crag’ performance by Katerina Iliopoulou and Yiannis Isidorou]
9:00-9:30            # Physiotherapy [«On duty till 9» performance]
9:30-10:00      # Radiology [Performance by Styliano Tzirita]
10:00                # Exit [DJ set: Thalia Ioannidou] PARTY
# Dedications and Stories


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