International solidarity against repression and the arms fair


Networking meeting: Monday 5 August, 7-9pm, Friends House, Euston

The army and police rely on tear gas, bullets and weapons from abroad… We ask you to take action… Shut down the arms dealers. Do not let them make it, ship it. “

                                                                                                                From Tahrir Square in November 2011 (

This September, the world’s arms dealers come to London. A huge weapons fairs will bring together

  • The companies supplying the teargas used in Turkey, Bahrain, Egypt, Brazil, Greece…
  • The Russian arms suppliers to Syrian President Assad
  • Military buyers from the world’s worst human rights abusing regimes and those fuelling conflict around the globe….


Please join us to plan international solidarity actions to shut them down.

  • What: Share ways of supporting each others’ struggles, map the arms dealers and discuss action to shut them down.
  • Who: International solidarity groups resisting state repression; anti-arms trade campaigners
  • When: Monday 5 August, 7-9pm,


If you can come please let us know by emailing so we have an idea of numbers and can bring relevant arms trade information.

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