Urge for public address against the closure of the Greek National Broadcaster (ERT)


June 13th, 2013


The European Cultural Parliament

c/o Ambassador

Karl-Erik Norrman

Secretary General

Hohenzollerndamm 81

D-141 99 BERLIN



Christos Chrissopoulos

23 Nider Street

17424 Athens – Greece



Urge for public address against the closure of the Greek National Broadcaster (ERT)

Dears Karl-Erik Norrman and dear colleagues of the ECP

As a member of the ECP I want to bring your attention to the recent closure of the Greek Public Broadcaster, ERT, from the Greek Government.

The Greek public TV and Radio signal has been abruptly cut late in June 11th. TV viewers were faced with black screens and radio listeners to static noise. This unprecendented move has raised concern throughout Europe.




The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has also called for the reversal of this brutal and undemocratic move.


together with

Mr Martin Schultz, President of the European Parliament


The Hellenic Authors’ Society, public figures and public bodies throughout Europe have condemned this move. You only need to search the internet for all voices raised globally.

Please note that since 11.50 pm, June 11th, Greek viewers are also unable to access the BBC, DW, and notably: Euronews.

I would like to ask the ECP, as a European forum dedicated to the promotion of European Culture, to come forward in a public manner, condemning the closure of ERT (including all its TV and Radio stations, the ERT Symphonic Orchestra, Choir and other music groups, its Educational Channel, its publications and other cultural functions) and ask for the reversal of this decision.


Christos Chrissopoulos

Member of the ECP

Member of the Hellenic Authors’ Society

source http://www.chronosmag.eu

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