Alter Summit live !

Follow the plenary session of the Alter Summit with all European movements and organizations in Athens.

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This event will be organized with the Greek social movement with the support of civil society organizations, trade unions, NGOs, political and cultural personalities from all around Europe.

The Alter Summit in Athens will be a step forward in the building of more convergence between movements opposed to the current anti-social and anti-ecological policies promoted by European governments and institutions.

Follow the Livestream of the plenary session of the Altersummit from 7PM to 10PM !



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Friday June 7th

12AM to 2PM : Feminist’s movements and women rights in the crisis-hit Europe: Strategies
(contact : womenassembly@altersummit.euMore…

2:30PM to 5PM : Open network assemblies 
- Resistance to the destruction of public education – Defending next generation’s future ; 
(contact : education@altersummit.euMore…
- Austerity kills: The assault on public health care – Demanding health rights for all ; 
(contact : health@altersummit.euMore…
- Migrants, refugees, border controls, crisis and fortress Europe ; 
(contact : migration@altersummit.euMore…
- No roof for one – no peace for all: The right to housing 
(contact : housing@altersummit.euMore…

2:30PM to 4:30PM : Austerity and the economic external agenda of the EU (Dialogue between economists, politicians and social movements)

4:30PM to 6:30PM : What alternative economic policies to get out of austerity ? (Seminar of economists)

6:30PM to 9:30PM : Alter Summit plenary (presentation of the Manifesto, inputs from European struggles and supports)
10PM to 12PM+ : European cultural event, with Greek and European artists.

Saturday June 8th

9:30AM to 12:30AM : Alter Summit assemblies (first slot)
- Far-right, neo Nazism and the face of new fascism in Europe – Τhe Emerging Repression State and the State of Exception
(contact : far-right@altersummit.euMore…
- Peoples in debt – banks in heaven (1/2) 
(contact : alternatives@altersummit.euMore…
- Peace and international relations: From military to economic interventions?
(contact : peace@altersummit.euMore…
- Social Rights for all: resisting the dismantling of welfare Europe
(contact : socialrights@altersummit.euMore…
- Profiting from Nature: Environment Abuse, financialization and destruction 
(contact : ecology@altersummit.euMore…

1:30PM to 4:30PM : Alter Summit assemblies (second slot)
- Solidarity in action: The Europe of the 99% to the forefront 
(contact : solidarity@altersummit.euMore…
- Peoples in debt – banks in heaven (2/2) 
(contact : alternatives@altersummit.euMore…
- Defending the commons: A key (struggle) for change
(contact : commongoods@altersummit.euMore…
- Reclaiming democracy – Peoples united against the Troika – Strategising to subvert the EU’s neoliberal economic governance and the Troika
(contact : economicgovernance@altersummit.euMore…
- Labour – Precarity – Unemployment: change the course of European policies on workers’ rights. Organizing workers struggles in Europe
(contact : workersrights@altersummit.euMore…

From 7-8PM : European demonstration in Athens

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