“London against Troika”


We are inviting all anti-austerity groups in the UK to join us to prepare
the UK instance of the International Demonstration “People United
Against Austerity and Troika” that was called for in the international
meeting in Lisbon last 26th April

Would you care to join us in organizing this in London?

4th May, 4 pm
4th floor, Blue Bar, Royal Festival Hall, London

Paulo  Costa (+44-7778129836) (skype: pvilela2)
Diana Cheney (+44-7913510951)
and many more…


People United Against Austerity and Troika: International Demonstration,
1st June 2013

Europe is under an onslaught by the financial capital represented by the
Troika, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, the
European Commission, and by the governments that implement policies in
agreement with these entities against the people. This offensive intends
to crush the people, making them slaves of debt and austerity. Austerity
has spread across Europe and should also be defeated by international
Each of us, in every country, in every city, in every home, in themselves,
feel the effect of policies and decisions on peoples’ rights won over
decades. They have increased unemployment, they look to privatize
everything that can be profitable, they attack the sovereignty of
countries under the propaganda of “foreign aid”. It is urgent that we join
our forces to better fight back.

We have launched an appeal for an international decentralized
demonstration to dozens of movements in Spain, France, Italy, Greece,
Cyprus, Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Slovenia … At the meeting
held on 26th April in Lisbon, companions from several European countries
have discussed this proposal together.

We reached an international consensus to take to the streets on the 1st of
June 2013: People united against troika!

This is the beginning of a decentralized and participatory process. We
want to build it collectively by joining our forces. Countries across
Europe will be from now on invited to join in a protest against the
international troika and against austerity on the 1st of June 2013…
people shall decide how to live their lives.

We call on all citizens, with and without political party, employed or
unemployed, with or without hope, we urge you to join us. We call on all
political organizations, civic movements, unions, political parties,
communities, informal groups, we urge you to join us.

We are extending our contacts, both nationally and internationally,
because we know that only the sum of our voices can stop the new wave of
austerity that is being prepared. The peoples of Europe have demonstrated
on several occasions showing that they are not available for more
sacrifices on behalf of a future that will never come. It is time for a
major demonstration to show the ability of these peoples across borders to
coordinate in this fight. The people say NO to the policies of austerity.

From North to South of Europe, we will take to the streets against

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