Modern slavery in Greece

Infowar – Greece | Thursday, April 18, 2013 published at

In the Greek town of Nea Manolada, three foremen shot at illegally employed migrant strawberry pickers when they demanded their wages for the last six months. More than 30 workers – most of them Bangladeshis – were wounded in the shooting. The leftist news portal writes that modern slavery is an open secret in Greece, from which all society benefits: “Everyone knew what has been going on in Nea Manolada since the mid 90s. Because Manolada stands not only for the crisis, but also for the ‘strong Greece’ of the stock market, the Olympic Games and the government model of Kostas Simitis and Kostas Karamanlis. The migrant slavery represented what was possibly the strongest force of the bubble-economy that hid for years behind the ‘strong euro’. … Everyone knew about it, from the prime minister right down to the graveyard shift at the local police station. Entire villages woke up in the morning to send slaves from Bangladesh and Pakistan to work in their fields.”

» full article (external link, Greek)
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