One response to “Blood Strawberries

  1. The turning point does not lie in boykotting the specific strawberries, even if I personally would feel now repulsed by having them anywhere under my nose. The point is that WE ALL, are fed since at least a decade with agricultural products and commodities, which also nowadays bear a nationality trademark as genuinly Greek, that have become slightly cheaper for the Greek public- if at all- due to increasingly relying on ill- or non- paid immigrant labor forces that allows various employers to “withstand the growing competition”.
    Even if we boykott this specific product, this sample of resistance is bound to fade away rather fast, while ignoring the entirety of the problem of contemporary slavery, either in terms of migrant farmhands in local plantations belonging to native Greeks or of hostage workforces of past and future unemployed
    The imperative for self-direction, collectivization and direct democracy appears all the more urgent. This sick system cannot be healed within the existing framework anymore!

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