Demonstrate in solidarity with the antifascist movement in Greece

Never again!
Demonstrate in solidarity
with the antifascist movement in Greece
Saturday 19 January
Assemble 12 noon, The Greek Embassy, 1A Holland Park, Notting Hill, London W11 3TP
(nearest tube Holland Park)
The rise of fascism in Europe is frightening. Nowhere more so than in Greece, where the Nazis of the Golden Dawn Party are in the parliament, third in the polls, and attacking immigrants and political opponents daily.
Saturday 19 January will see a national rally in Athens against the threat of fascism and racism. There will be international solidarity protests on the same day. We ask you to join us in protest in London – in support of the anti-fascist majority in Greece and against attempts to spread fascism, racism and xenophobia in Britain.
Called by: Unite Against Fascism
Supported by: The Greek Solidarity Campaign, Solidarity with the Greek Resistance, Manuel Cortes (TSSA), Mark Serwotka (PCS), Ged Nichols (Accord), Gik-Der Refugee Workers Cultural Association, Day-Mer, Halkevi Kurdish and Turkish community centre, the AKEL party in Britain, and others
Please add your/your organisation’s name to this statement which will be published in the run-up to the demonstration.
The rise of the fascist right, racism and xenophobia across Europe is frightening. Nowhere more so than in Greece.

The Golden Dawn party is unashamedly anti-Semitic. It is directly involved in attacks on immigrants and on the Muslim community, which are happening daily. Critical journalists and oppositional politicians have also been targeted.

Golden Dawn doesn’t seek to hide its neo-Nazi credentials or regalia. Yet it is in the Greek parliament and third in the polls, despite one of its leaders physically assaulting two women MPs on television before polling day.

Golden Dawn has grown since entering parliament. It is organising paramilitary gangs and it has infiltrated sections of the police.

Neither conceding to their bigotry nor hoping the storm will pass have ever stopped fascist storm troopers. And Greece, in a 1930s-style economic meltdown, is facing the real threat of fascism. The very word ‘democracy’ comes to us from Greek. Now, in a country that has recent memories of military coup, democracy is again imperilled.

We stand with the suffering Greek people, in their majority, against the most serious threat of fascism anywhere in Europe in our lifetime.

We support the call for an international day of action to highlight the threat of fascism in Greece. We stand with the civil society organisations and intellectuals who are rallying on 19 January under the banner: Athens – anti-fascist city. We will gather outside the Greek embassy on that day in London.

It is neither too alarmist nor too late to take this threat seriously. If not now, when?

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