LEFT BANK VALLEY: Burning Athens invites Société Réaliste


Monday, January 14, 2013
20:00 at Empros Theater
Riga Pallamidi 2, Athens.

Burning Athens invites Société Réaliste to launch “Left Bank Valley:
Exarcheia”, its new experimental economy project to be developed in
2013 from Athens and intending to counterbalance the current
representations of the Greek Financial Crisis.

Left Bank Valley (LBV) is a corporate lodging resort, designed as a
freeport for the comfort and competitiveness of alternative economy
companies in the field of cultural production.

The Burning Athens Residency Program (BA) maps the urban fabric for
the aesthetic, social and political transformations currently taking
place in the city. The background is the identity of Athens as a
metropolis in the Balkans and the Mediterranean and its cultural
capacity. Burning Athens wants to short-circuit the Greek and European
myths of national identity and their supposed connection with a Golden
Age of Athens, constructions that vulgarize and falsify the core
principles of the ancient city and its direct democracy beyond
recognition. In the boiling point of economic and social bankruptcy,
where social fascism and state oppression are coming on the surface we
strive for the formation of a culture of openness, cooperation by
rethinking the urban space as a “theater without a stage”.

There is a shared intention between LBV and BA; an intention of
autonomy as the modicum of liberation. There is also a common goal,
the emancipation of cultural production from state, nation and their
myths. What is different and therefore fruitful is the distinct
methods that are used to realize the goal of the emancipation of
cultural production. Turbo capitalism in the format of tax havens and
corporate free ports, meets the utopianism of libertarian cultural
politics and their ambition to infuse social antagonism with artistic
sensibilities. In our conversation BA and LBV will reflect on the
differences, the complementarities and the incommensurabilities of the
two plans.

The lecture will be held by Jean-Baptiste Naudy (Société Réaliste) and
Georgios Papadopoulos (Burning Athens).

Société Réaliste is a Parisian cooperative working with political
design, experimental economy, territorial ergonomy and social
engineering consulting. Polytechnic, it develops its production
schemes through exhibitions, publications and conferences.

Georgios Papadopoulos works as an economist and philosopher,
researching on money and its socioeconomic functions. He holds a
Master from the London School of Economics and is pursuing a PhD at
the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He was a resident at the Vilém
Flusser Archive at the School of Fine Arts in Berlin, and at the Jan
Van Eyck Academy in Maatricht. He has published books and articles in
English, Greek and Spanish.

Georgios Papadopoulos
Erasmus University Rotterdam


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