The Villa Amalias Squat has been occupied again on 9/1/13

By Alkis Alexandrinos
The Villa Amalias squat was evicted on 20th December after 23 years. All these years, the squat was a housing collective as well as a self-managed political, culture and social centre, with hundreds of cultural activities and political actions. It was particularly active in supporting the local communities of migrants and resisting the fascist gangs that were active in the neighbourhood. The 8 squatters that got arrested got released on the 24th December, and their court won’t take place for at least few months. Today, 9th January, a group of people managed to circumvent police guards and re-occupy the building for a couple of hours until the riot police attacked them with tear gas and evicted them for a second time. The 101 squatters were transferred to the police headquarters where they remain on custody. At the same time 40 people occupied the headquarters of the centre-left party Democratic Left (DIMAR) to protest for today’s eviction of Villa Amalias. Police arrested this group of people as well and transferred them to the police headquarters. A new demonstration of solidarity to the detainees followed in front of the Ministry of Economics that was violently suppressed by the police.
Solidarity now to the detainees!
Solidarity to the Villa Amalias squat!

For recent updates in English:
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The Villa Amalias blog (mostly in Greek):

Facebook solidarity with Villa Amalias group:

Police raid Villa Amalias: updates

At approximately 07:00 GMT+2 on December 20th, riot police raided the anarchist squat Villa Amalias in Athens. Eight people were detained inside the building — later on, they were all arrested and charged with felonies on ludicrous evidence. The building has been sealed off and is guarded 24/7 by riot police since. Sunday Dec 23 has been named a day of solidarity with those arrested in Villa and with the squat; follow all updates via our Villa Amalias raid tag; organise actions of solidarity where you live.

Ī Vílla Amalías katálīpsī tha meínei! Villa Amalias will remain a squat!

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