Solidarity with Greek anti-fascists Sat 19 Jan 2013

UAF has been contacted by anti-fascists in Greece to call a demonstration in solidarity with the anti-fascist movement in Greece, to coincide with the demonstration in Athens against the fascist Golden Dawn. Details below.

UAF will also be speaking at and sending a delegation to the Athens demonstration. We have also been invited to participate in a speaker tour across Greece prior to the demonstration.

We are asking people to join us:
Saturday 19 January 2013, 12 noon
Greek embassy
1A Holland Park
Notting Hill
London W11 3TP

Athens demonstration:

Saturday 19/1 Athens, an anti-fascist city
National demonstration Omonia square 2pm
Gig Syntagma square 4pm

Greece Campaign statement:

Say it with a song…

Nazis out!
No to concentration camps
Citizenship for all the children of immigrants

On the 19th of January we flood Athens from every city and neighborhood in the country, from every workplace, place of education, art, workers and youth. We occupy the city with music, chants and speeches, to shout that the Nazis are undesirable and the coalition government with the racist policies of concentration camps, FRONTEX and of the denial of citizenship for the children of the immigrants, makes us angry as much as the barbaric measures that send hundreds of thousands to unemployment.

We cannot stand for putting the blame of the rich and the governments for the crisis that sows poverty and deprivation, leads to suicides, sends homeless to queue for soup kitchens, to the immigrants, turning them to scapegoats as Hitler blamed the Jews for everything.

This lead to Dachau and Ausvitz camps, to gas chambers and the crematories with millions of dead Jews, Roma, Communists and Homosexuals. It lead to the massacre of WWII, the Nazi brutalities in the occupied countries like Greece, with the martyr cities that were burnt, the lives lost in the blockades by the assassins of the “Security Squads” in Kalavryta, Kokkinia, Chortiati,Kontomari, Viano, Distomo and other places.

We cannot accept Dendias’ police that attacks strikes and demonstrations with tons of chemicals and extends a hand of cooperation to the Neo-nazi assault squads of Golden Dawn organizing racist pogroms in the neighborhoods with stabbings of immigrants, destruction of shops and house intrusions. The police that jails demonstrators like it did in Thessaloniki, where it reached the point of torturing the antifascist demonstrators of the motorcycle demonstration. We are disgusted by the vulgar attack against artists like in the case of “Chitirion” theatre and the censorship of Dendias with journalists’ lay-offs and criminalization of journalist exposés.

We do not close our eyes to the thousand dead immigrants and refugees, women, children and the hunting of the guards of FRONTEX. We demand to stop this disgrace of the nazi-type concentration camps and the sweeping operations by the Greek police. The immigrants need legalization and the refugees need asylum, all these victims of the imperialist wars, the dictatorships and the annihilating measures of austerity by the IMF.

Samaras rushed to proceed with the new law to denying the citizenship for the children of immigrants that were born in this country, with a decision by the High Court that shared the racist predisposal of New Democracy and the Golden Dawn. Thousands of children that are studying in schools are deemed illegal once they turn 18 and they ask them to go back to the country of their parents where they have never been themselves!

This is why the last months an unprecedented antifascist uprising has unfolded. On the 24th of August thousands of immigrants send their message to Dendias that they do not afraid the police sweeping operations called “Xenios Zeus”. In the neighborhoods the racist pogroms were answered everywhere. On the 28th of October the teachers, the students and the antifascists showed who controls the streets sending the neo-Nazi of Golden dawn back to the sewers. “Neither in the parliament not anywhere, Nazis out of our neighborhoods” shouted thousands around Greece.

We call all workers and youth, people in humanities and arts, the immigrant communities, trade unions, student unions school students, the local governments, all the committees against racism and fascism, the collectives of resistance, popular assemblies to support the national demonstration in Athens on the 19 of January. In the city which send the greatest message to the Nazi occupation and today sends a message of resistance to the memorandums and the Troikas that Neo-Nazi are not welcome- they are racist killers!

We call for international solidarity with participation in Athens demonstration on 19th of January and action outside Greek embassies.

Called by:

Movement Against Racism and Fascist Thread(KEERFA), Panhellenic Federation of Artists and Entertaiment(POTHA), Intellectuals and Artists , Empros Theater, Initiative Mavili(artists), Union of Immigrant Wirers, Pakistan Community of Greece, Afghan Community of Greece, Open School of Immigrants in Piraeus, Egyptian Community,Union of United Afghan Refugees in Greece, Iranian Political Refugees Union, Antifascist Group of Albanian Immigrants, Union of Syrians in Greece, ASANTE(African immigrants in Greece), Trade Unions, Teacher’s local unions, Hospital Workers unions, Mayors, local and peripheral councilors, Student associations, Schools. Supported by Kostas Arvanitis, journalist of Public TV

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